PALTEL 11/05/2022 04:55:31 PM disclose a material events(Disclosures Related to G.A.M).

PALTEL 11/05/2022 04:55:31 PMdisclose a material events(Disclosures Related to G.A.M).Disclosure TypeNon Financial Disclosure

Company SymbolPALTEL

SectorService Sector


Disclosures Related to G.A.M

Based on the Extraordinary General Assembly decision on 22/3/2022 to authorize Palestine Capital Market Authority (PCMA) to decide the record date for Paltel shareholders that has the right to receive share/shares in the new company, please be informed that based on the letter we received from the PCMA on 10/5/2022, the record date will be on Tuesday 28/6/2022.

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